Why you need an updated Business Headshot

In today’s world, we are surrounded by visuals on both the business and personal side of things. From social media profiles that showcase our lives to business ads with the intent to sell, there is no end to the need for professional content. This is exactly why a professional headshot can be so advantageous to your business and success

So is a headshot really all that important? Think about it this way. A headshot is your first impression and an introduction that sends a message. Especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, potential customers will first see a headshot and make an assumption. So, your professional headshot should be a representative of your visual style and the persona that you want to reflect. 

A great headshot will give people an idea of your personality before they ever meet you. Something as simple as a smile will portray approachability. A more serious look can portray determination. You can make your expression match your own personality. The right tone and expression can be huge in conveying the right message to potential clients, customers, and partners. 

Almost as bad as not having a headshot is using an outdated one. An old headshot that has not been updated in many years can give people the impression that you are outdated, neglecting your business, or do not keep up with your brand. When someone meets or talks with you after, they may feel as though they have been misled. This is especially important when you make any noticeable changes to your looks. Changes in any major areas (such as glasses or weight loss) can be a great time to update your photos. 

While it can be very tempting to simply pull out your smartphone and snap a few quick shots of yourself to use for your website or social media profiles, sometimes it is best to get the help of a professional. A professional headshot will help you get the best lighting, angles, and poses that will best represent you and your brand. This is not easily done by taking them yourself with a simple smartphone. 

With Mobile Business Headshots, you can have professional, updated headshots done in the comfort of your own home or office. Not only will this provide a unique and comfortable experience for the photos, but it is also much more convenient. Why take time out of your busy day and schedule in order to travel somewhere for photos? Mobile Business Headshots can meet you anywhere, anytime, and get you set up with the perfect headshots to use in your business. From Orlando to anywhere throughout the state of Florida and country (with a large group of people), www.mbheadshots.com can handle it.

 It is never too late to get updated headshots. You can always make your first impression count and showcase yourself in the best possible light with a professional headshot. So what are you waiting for? Polish your professional image, make the best possible first impression, and enjoy the added success that comes along with having updated, professional headshots! Click here to get in reach out and schedule your session today.