10 Professional Business Headshot Tips by Mobile Business Headshots

Having an updated professional business headshot is important for your career, your potential career or even a promotion. In no particular order, here are 10 tips to getting a great business headshot.

#1 Use a simple neutral background. At Mobile Business Headshots, we travel everywhere in the Orlando, Florida area to shoot business headshots on location in homes, offices and convention sites. We believe in keeping our headshots simple. A standard gray background is the most popular option, because gray is a great neutral color that goes with any outfit or complexion. It also looks great on websites and in marketing materials. And just by putting more or less light on the gray background, we can make it any shade from light, medium to dark gray. Another option is a clean white background. This is also neutral and looks great on any type of marketing material. While 75% of folks opt for the gray background, the rest will more than likely select a white background.

#2 Plan on getting a haircut a couple days before the shoot. It’s smart to get a haircut 2-3 days before your photo session. This allows your hair to settle a bit. It also lets you figure out the best way to style it for your session. You may be used to styling your hair one way when your hair is long, but after getting it cut it may take a little tweaking to make it look the way you want for your session.

#3 Keep the makeup simple. Don’t go overboard when applying makeup. Less is more. The most important thing for a professional business or corporate headshot is to be as natural-looking as possible. Just be yourself. If you typically wear neutral color lipstick, don’t come in wearing a bold color. Keeping the makeup on the simple side will make for a better business headshot.

#4 Wear long sleeves. Men and women should consider wearing a long-sleeved blazer, jacket or blouse. This hides any unwanted underarm “issues” we may be self-conscious about and cleans up your look of your business headshot. It’s all about the face, so it should be the main focus. On the final cropped headshot, seeing skin showing on the arms takes away from the most important part of a  the headshot, which is the face.  

#5 Keep the wardrobe simple. When thinking about what to wear for your corporate or business headshot, be conservative. Keep it simple. Again, it’s all about the face. A crazy patterned shirt or gaudy necklace will distract from the headshot. Neutral, simple colors tend to work better. The same applies to earrings and necklaces. 

#6 Get plenty of rest the night before. Getting enough sleep allows you to come to your session relaxed and ready to go. It also eliminates that sleepy look from any photographs. 

#7 Clear negative thoughts. For most folks, having their headshot taken is not the most exciting thing in the world. We can get nervous. We all aren’t professional models. Clearing your mind of negative thoughts about your self- image can go a long way. Wake up early to positive thoughts about the session and about yourself. 

#8 Reduce skin shine before your session. Regardless of your skin type, there will always be some shine to your skin under professional lighting. Although the photos you choose from your session will be professionally retouched to reduce or remove skin shine, there are ways to reduce it before the session. For women, using some sort of concealer / foundation will help reduce that shiny look. For men, there is transparent powder you can buy to reduce shine for photos, although a quick pat down with a cloth can reduce the shine as well. 

#9 Make it about your brand. The purpose of a professional business headshot is to brand yourself. Whether it’s the brand of the company you work for or your own company brand, the look you need or want should come across in the photos. It could be a confident, non-smiling look or a smiling friendly look. Whatever it is, it should reflect the brand you want to show your customers, clients, or employer. 

#10 Have support. Having trouble relaxing? No problem! Mobile Business Headshots is great at helping ease those photo-shoot nerves. However, sometimes it’s helpful to have a friend or coworker with you, someone you know who can help you relax and act naturally.  

Ready for your new or updated Business / Corporate Headshot? Have a large corporate event at a convention site or even your office and are thinking “now is a good time to have updated headshots of everyone”? Mobile Business Headshots will conveniently come to your location and set up a mini studio. In your home, office or convention, we have a portable studio which can be set up quickly and in a very small space. Contact us to schedule your  individual or group headshot session today.